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SSEG Pricing in 2022 – Has Cape Town seen the light?

New fees and tariffs for 2022 have been published, and it seems that Cape Town has finally realised that Solar is not the enemy, and is in fact a good thing. Residential solar falls under what the council calls Small Scale Energy Generation or SSEG.

The new tariffs have removed the onerous daily SSEG fees, and now seem to actually make a mild amount of sense to feed back to the grid. I suspect that they are keen to have people feed back now. City of Cape Town (CoCT) can make a profit on reselling cheaper power, and it will help to reduce load-shedding. Oh, and it will also reduce pollution. Win-win!

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Net Metering and Solar in South Africa

Great overview on Solar Refit issues in South Africa here –
It doesn’t cover what I consider to be an upcoming major issue that will be faced if the Muni’s / Eskom don’t stop putting roadblocks in the way – complete off-grid migration, but it covers everything else.

Worth reading.