Battle of the Grocery delivery apps – Checkers Sixty60 vs PnP Bottles – who won?

My PnP Bottles Review
Pick and Pay Bottles Grocery delivery – a review | Going Solar
My Checkers Sixty60 Review
Checkers Sixty60 Delivery – a review | Going Solar

Both orders I made had teething issues.
Process for managing issues on both apps / services is a bit lacking, as is driver training.
Overall the Checkers app is substantially better, although limited in the size of orders you can make (one motorbike load). The Checkers App substitution mechanism is highly non-optimal though, as it needs to be done on a item by item basis. I also couldn’t see any “specials” via the App. i.e Store Card specials. If you wanted to get those, you’d need to go to the shops in person. Not sure why that can’t be integrated into the App – they have your store card details already in there, tie it in! PnP had some specials in app, although similarly to Checkers, none of the PnP store card specials are listed.

Both options really need you to check the order you’ve received VERY carefully – (ideally before the driver tries to leave). In my view, both need to provide a printout of the order that you can sign off on. Preferably making the driver make you sign., which other delivery companies do. Neither do that yet.

Was unhappy at the time with the checkers substitution that I couldn’t return. I have noted that you can select “don’t substitute” items, but again, its seriously inadequate when you need to select that individually, per item, per order.   I should probably deduct a point from my scoring for that UIX atrocity.

Packaging for Checkers was a lot more re-usable, and more environmentally friendly. The brown paper bags are great. The PnP plastic ones are horrid, and not re-usable – there definitely needs to be some attempt made to make that packaging better – we only have one planet PnP…

Would I use either again?

While the overall ease of use of the Checkers Sixty60 process was a lot better, the limited ordering for the relatively high cost of delivery makes it less worthwhile for me, especially when its not 60 minute delivery. I checked again today in their app, and I got offered delivery options for tomorrow only – nothing for today (and that was when I checked at 11am this morning).

The PnP Bottles app – while buggy, at least lets you order more items, and that in itself makes it more worthwhile, as the value proposition is better. Not sure that its fair on the delivery driver though – especially if they only deliver by Motorbike.
I’ve seen the Tuk-tuk’s roaming around before where I live – why aren’t those being used? That edges it slightly over the Checkers ordering for me, even with the wobbly edges.

As I know people that know people, ahem 🙂 I’ve forwarded both reviews, and my summary to relevant people at both companies, and will update if I get any feedback.

Pick n Pay Bottles Feedback
Pick n Pay are the first to get back to me – relatively quickly too!
Their response arrived a day after my request for info to them.

Pick n Pay’s reply in full below (any personal information has been redacted)

·  Bottles was recently acquired by Pick n Pay. See article here for reference.

·  The app name is currently Bottles by Pick n Pay, as Bottles is an existing delivery app which was recently acquired by Pick n Pay. Bottles was launched in 2016 as South Africa’s first on-demand alcohol delivery app, and partnered with Pick n Pay Liquor in 2018. Following the prohibition on the sale of alcohol in March, Bottles in partnership with Pick n Pay re-purposed its app within four days, emerging with a new offering to deliver on-demand ‘grocery essentials’ to customers. 

·  Bottles Privacy Policy is available on the app and website: see here: This is available during registration, from the app main menu (under Support and on our website) 

  • We are currently working on integrating Bottles App & Pick n Pay Online into one business and team, and the mobile app’s Privacy Policy and Pick n Pay’s Privacy Statement will be updated accordingly
  • In terms of information requested on registration:
  • Customer’s name is used to address and identify the customer
  • Mobile number is used to ensure someone is available for the delivery and to contact for any issues regarding the delivery
  • Email address is used for sending of invoices and order details, as well as for marketing related deals and offers
  • Date of Birth is used to ensure we only allow the sale of alcohol to people over the legal age
  • A few other comments:
  • Driver: 
    We do allow driver tipping in the app as part of the order process. You may also decide to tip the driver in cash if you prefer. 
  • The driver is paid in full for all deliveries, if he needs to make multiple trips, he will be paid for multiple deliveries and Bottles takes on this cost on behalf of the client
  • We have currently branded 50 of our delivery vehicles and are working towards branding more
  • We make use of cars for bigger deliveries, when available
  • Packaging: we are working on a better packaging solution to be implemented ASAP  
  • App Crashing when clicking “Share Bottles by PnP, get R50 off!” link on the order detail screen has been resolved in the latest version